Who we are?

Senior experts with top management experience in the chemical industry can support you in dealing with complex EU regulations.

REACh ChemAdvice GmbH is a sister company of ChemAdvice GmbH. It was formed by a group of senior executives with many decades of experience in the chemical industry, in collaboration with a team of REACh specialists. As an independent representative with no direct involvement in the production or trading of chemicals, REACh ChemAdvice can act on your behalf without bias. This can be extremely important, especially if you have multiple agents, indirect exports, or want to alter your supply chain into Europe, either now or in the future.

Originally founded to help Non-EU manufacturers to comply with the REACh legislation as Only Representative, the company meanwhile supports EU Producers and Importers as consultant and/or as Third Party Representative and Downstream Users as consultant in all REACh matters. Unlike most advisors, we offer the complete scope of REACh - related services in-house and through our network.

REACh ChemAdvice is also providing support to chemical companies within the implementation of the CLP Regulation and Biocidal Products Regulation.

We work together with an international network in order to help our clients comply with China REACH, Turkey REACH, Korea REACH and GHS.

Through our support, your company will reach advice and efficient implementation of Regulations in the chemical industry.