REACh Regulation consultancy

1. REACh Only Representative
2. Compliance audits
3. Strategy for REACh Compliance
4. REACh Registration
5. IUCLID dossiers
6. Consortia/SIEF management
7. Data Gap analysis
8. Toxicological evaluation, Lab. analysis
9. Chemical Safety Reports
10. Safety Data Sheets
11. Exposure Scenarios and RMM
12. Training (REACh, IUCLID)

CLP Regulation consultancy

1. Identification of obligations
2. Strategy for CLP compliance
3. Compliance audits
4. Classification of substances
5. Labelling of substances
6. Classification of mixtures
7. Labelling of mixtures
8. Safety Data Sheets
9. CLP notifications
10. Training

Biocides Regulation consultancy

1. Strategy for BPR Compliance
2. EU Representative Article 95
3. Registration active substances
4. Authorisation biocidal products
5. IUCLID dossiers
6. Training (BPR, IUCLID, R4BP)
7. Data Gap analysis
8. Support purchase LoA
9. Laboratory analysis
10. Risk assessments
11. Liaison with authorities
12. Classification/labelling, SDSs

Featured services

REACh Only Representative

Gain access to the European market with REACh ChemAdvice.

REACh Registration Dossiers

Ensure the continuity of chemicals business in Europe after 2018.

Authorization of Biocides

Continue business with biocidal products after the approval of active substances.

REACh Only Representative

Export Chemicals to Europe

Non-European manufacturers have the option of appointing a REACh Only Representative to maintain and continue business in the EU.

REACh ChemAdvice GmbH has solid experience representing companies from all over the world since 2007 as REACh Only Representative allowing small, medium size and large companies to continue business in the EU market for their chemical substances and mixtures.

We are a leading REACh Only Representative in the EU.

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