REACh Only Representative

Export Chemicals to Europe

Non-European manufacturers have the option of appointing a REACh Only Representative to maintain and continue business in the EU.

REACh ChemAdvice GmbH has solid experience representing companies from all over the world since 2007 as REACh Only Representative allowing small, medium size and large companies to continue business in the EU market for their chemical substances and mixtures.

We are a leading REACh Only Representative in the EU.

Using the REACh Only Representative the Non-EU Manufacturer of Chemicals will join a third independent partner, who protects the know-how, confidential business information and offers a neutral position in SIEF & consortia. The selection of a REACh Only Representative has to be done very carefully. The REACh Only Representative has to fulfil the requirement under REACH, namely he shall have sufficient background in the practical handling of substances and the information related to them. Furthermore the REACh Only Representative should offer a confidentiality agreement and the liabilities have to be clarified and ensured.

The most important advantages, why to appoint an Only Representative for REACh include, to avoid that an importer simply forget the pre-registration for one or more substance/s; in case of many importers the non-European manufacturer has the advantage to reduce his work & communication, otherwise he has to pass all necessary information to every importer and to communicate with each of them regarding all matters in accordance to REACh; the appointed REACh Only Representative is neutral, no active actor of the supply chain and offers the non-European manufacturer a high protection of know-how; to avoid that the importers meet each other in SIEFs and communicate about prices, quantities etc.; to avoid that importers meet the competitors of the non-European manufacturer; concentration on core business (for importers & non-European manufacturer); to profit from synergy effects (registration of many products = savings).

As your REACh Only Representative we will provide the following services:

  • Strategy development for Late pre-registration and registration
  • Data collection, testing and compliance with the REACh Legislation
  • Organization and coordination of REACh relevant services including training
  • Import Certificates for each export into the EU
  • Authority and Customer relation management
  • Representation at REACh consortia
  • High protection of sensitive data and know-how
  • Anonymous appearance in SIEF & consortia